Modern Furniture Designed for Cats and Their Owners

Square Cat Habitat was born out of the desire for cat furniture to accent existing modern décor rather than distract from it. Think functional art. With this in mind, we developed a line of good looking cat furniture in a range of colors and textures to please both cats and their owners. We hope you and your furry felines agree–our furniture is worth its weight in purrs.

Good for Cats

For the love of cats, we create cat furniture that is safe for your furry feline. With the vast majority of cat products made in China, it’s difficult to know exactly what your cat’s furniture or favorite toy is made out of. We love our cats too much to stand for that. That’s why all our modern cat furniture is manufactured in the USA using non-toxic materials. Even our cat tree and cat scratcher base materials are made with No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF).

Good for the Environment

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. That is why all of our products are fitted with removable inserts, so the base material will remain in your home and out of landfills. Also, we are leading the way in our industry by using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing here in the USA. Plus, we ship out products using recycled and recyclable packaging whenever possible.

Based in Portland, Oregon USA

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