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Fremont: Modern Cat Window Perch


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Limited floor space? Dogs or kids always chasing the cat? The Fremont Modern Cat Window Perch provides your cat a sanctuary to escape and feel safe. Plus, cats love looking out the window.

The Fremont easily mounts on walls, under window sills, or to just about any wall space you could think of. Easy to install and easy on the eye, our unique design hides all the hardware. As part of our Bridge Series, this is a sleek and modern cat wall shelf that won’t cramp your style.

  • Supports up to 50 pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • Crafted from high quality eco-friendly materials
  • Base measures ¾” thick, offering a sturdy foundation made to last
  • Includes hardware with removable/replaceable insert.

Our MOHAIR (faux) inserts are whiskery like a wire-haired terrier. Highly durable (our most scratch-able), doesn’t show dirt, and is easy to clean. Made from mostly nylon and 36% Post-Industrial (recycled content derived from industry scraps).

Our PLUSH inserts are rich and luxurious colors in plush softness. Up to 43% post-industrial recycled content and made of cut pile construction and nylon. Almost 1/2″ thick for those cats with extra long nails.

Laminated Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF)

* 100% post-industrial recycled wood residuals
* FSC certified wood: The material in this product comes from well-managed forests, independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council
* No-added formaldehyde
* Made in USA

Laminated FSC Birch Plywood

* FSC certified: The material in this product comes from well-managed forests, independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council
* California Air Resources Board (carb) II compliant
* No-added formaldehyde

Architectural Bamboo Plywood

* 100% rapidly renewable bamboo
* LEED Credits MR 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
* LEED Credits MR 7: Certified Wood
* No Added Urea Formaldehyde
* California Air Resources Board (carb) II compliant



No frills, no nonsense. Just high quality modern cat furniture.

The Fremont is our largest cat window perch. It offers your cat plenty of space to sprawl out and enjoy the view. Best of all, it blends seamlessly with your modern décor. You sacrifice a lot of things for your cat, stylish modern décor doesn’t have to be one of them.

Looking for smaller cat wall shelves? Check out the Burnside.

Long Lasting

Made in the USA from high quality, eco-friendly materials, this modern cat window perch is made to last a long time. Which is great considering cats have nine lives! Did we mention our removable inserts are recessed into base materials? So, all you see are clean lines.

We are so confident you will see the value packed into the Fremont, we offer a 30-day return policy.


Ready to customize your cat’s new favorite seat in the house? Select Base and Insert materials to match your preferences and home décor.

1. Pick Your Insert

Pick between Faux Mohair or Plush Insert. Both options come in several colors.

The (faux) Mohair option is a whiskery material that cats love to scratch. It’s tough as nails and easy to clean.

Plush inserts are softer but still thick enough for long nails. This material offers the most luxurious color options.

See above for more details; click INSERT IMAGES

2. Pick Your Base

All bases measure ¾” thick for extra durability. Pick between three different base materials:

  • Laminated Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF), available in black or white
  • Laminated Birch Plywood in white
  • Bamboo Plywood in amber

See above for more details; click BASE IMAGES

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions25 × 12.5 × 1 in

Mohair Black Cat, Mohair Chinchilla, Mohair Frog, Mohair Gerbil, Mohair Hamster, Mohair Humming bird, Mohair Tabby Cat, Plush Black, Plush Bone, Plush Clementine, Plush Earthen, Plush Fog, Plush Java, Plush Lime, Plush Pewter, Plush Plum, Plush Seafoam


SDF (White), SDF (Black), Birch (White), Bamboo (Amber)


3/4″H x 25 1/8″W x 12″D


Hawthorne Cat Wall Step Install Instructions


  1. cydnee

    I ordered 2 steps and 3 large perches
    I absolutely LOVE these products. They are so beautiful.. they blend in with my decor! My
    friends thought they were shelving units! The cats love them as well, particularly when I have
    people over in my dining room (this is where I have put them). They jump up there and can
    watch the goings on! I love that I was able to color coordinate the perch pads with my decor.
    They were also fairly easy to install. I would definitely recommend this product.

  2. Tammy

    How did I live so long without this!?
    I have 18 total shelves in my house, small to large. My cats LOVE them. They look nice on
    the walls…like furniture but very functional for the cats. There are a lot of shelves on the
    market but to me these are the best looking and best price for what you get. Highly
    recommend. Easy to install. Hardest part is figuring out what configuration you want to put
    on your wall!

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