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  • organic catnip toy
    baobab with Toy
    Toy on Acacia, modern cat tree

    Hanging Catnip Toy


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    Cats love this hanging organic catnip toy. For one, it’s stuffed with organic catnip. Plus, it makes a soft rattle sound when pawed for absolute purrfection!

    You’ll love it too. After all, it’s handcrafted from sturdy designer fabric and comes in three color options. The thick bungee cord is strong enough to withstand all kinds of biting and pulling without breaking. It’s easy to hang from a variety of surfaces, including almost all our products.

    • Cat toy made in USA
    • Stuffed with quality organic catnip
    • Comes in mint, tangerine, or pink


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  • cat scratcher replacement

    Insert Replacements


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    Our durable inserts outlast cardboard scratchers and other cat scratching pads by a long shot. Plus, you can easily remove and clean them (hand wash and hang dry only). Despite how long these cat scratching pads can last, there may come a time when you need to replace yours.

    Pick between Mohair (faux) and Plush Insert materials. Mohair comes in 7 different colors. Plush inserts are available in 10 shades, ranging from neutral to vibrant.

    You need a Large Insert for: Acacia top, Baobab top, Lo, Fremont, Burnside

    You need a Small Insert for: Acacia steps (2), Baobab steps (5), Hawthorne, Itch

    • Made in the USA
    • Crafted from eco-friendly materials
    • Durable and long lasting
    • 30-day return policy


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