Mouse: Modern Shoe Bench with Cat Home


Finally, a modern shoe bench that both you and your furry feline can enjoy. Mouse offers the ideal spot to put your shoes and your cat! There are three large and five smaller (but still roomy) cubbies for your shoes, alongside a separate cubby for your cat. The cat cubby is extra cozy thanks to an optional 3” upholstery foam pillow for your kitty to curl up on.

Made in the USA using high quality materials, this modern shoe bench with a built-in cat home is made to last. Plus, it can support up to 500 pounds. So, while your favorite pair of shoes may change over the years, you and your cat’s favorite shoe bench will not.

  • Sustainably made in the USA
  • Supports up to 500 pounds
  • Backed by our 30-day return policy
  • Great for cats of all ages and abilities

Laminated FSC Birch Plywood

* FSC certified: The material in this product comes from well-managed forests, independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council
* California Air Resources Board (carb) II compliant
* No-added formaldehyde



No frills, no nonsense. Just high quality modern cat furniture.

Meet Mouse, our all-in-one extra cozy cat home and modern shoe bench. Traditionally, Square Cat Habitat furniture is focused on felines, but we decided to create a product that was functional for humans too. After all, where would your cat be without you?

Our goal is to produce products that make cats happy and help cat owners maintain clean sleek lines while reducing clutter. Mouse offers exactly that.

Materials Matter

This modern shoe bench with cat cubby is the perfect accessory to modern home décor. The base is made from white laminated FSC birch plywood that originates from well-managed forests, independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council. Plus, there’s no added formaldehyde to help keep you and your cat safe. The optional pillow conveniently tucked inside the cat home is made from a comfy 3” upholstery foam with a cover that is water and stain resistant.

  • Base
    • Material: Laminated (Formica) FSC Birch Plywood NAUF
  • Pillow
    • Finish: Latex Backed, Stain & Water Repellent
    • Composition: Solution Dyed Acrylic – 100%
    • Country of Manufacture: Made In United States
    • Construction: Removable with 50% zipper
    • Interior: 3″ Upholstery Foam

Cat Proof Your Home

Cats with a space to call their own tend to be less destructive and happier. This modern shoe bench with cat cubby offers your cat a space they can feel comfortable and protected in. After all, the best cat homes are designed around the people and animals that live there. A piece of cat-friendly furniture that takes care of your needs and your cat’s needs– now that’s a purr-worthy win.

Spreading Purrs to Cats in Need

A portion of each sale is donated to cats in need, from feral cats to abandoned cats and every kitty in between. We want all cats to enjoy the finer things in life… like food, water, shelter, and lots of love.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 18 × 20 in
Base Material

Laminated Birch (White)


No Pillow, Sky Pillow


17″H x 48″W x 15″D



None! Arrives completely assembled.


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