Acacia modern cat tree in white BIRCH and black cat inserts
modern cat tree
Picture of white Acacia cat tree
White Acacia Cat Tree from above
View of white modern cat tree from below
Replaceable scratch pad being peeled from tree
Acacia modern cat tree in white SDF and hamster inserts 360-1
Acacia modern cat tree in white SDF and hamster inserts 360-2
Acacia modern cat tree in white SDF and hamster inserts 360-3
Acacia modern cat tree in white SDF and hamster inserts 360-4
Acacia modern cat tree in white SDF and hamster inserts 360-5
Acacia modern cat tree in white SDF and hamster inserts 360-8
Acacia modern cat tree in white SDF and hamster inserts 360-9
Acacia modern cat tree in white SDF and velcro
modern cat tree

Acacia: Modern Cat Tree


This modern cat tree offers two branches for scratching, climbing, and playing. The treetop offers the purrfect spot to rest, observe, and scratch. Unlike carpeted cat trees, this stylish cat tree is 100% customizable to blend seamlessly with your home’s décor.

Cat owners can choose between different base materials and carpet inserts. Mohair inserts are highly durable and are most suitable for cats that love to scratch. This insert material is easy to clean and doesn’t show dirt. It’s available in 2 modern colors and is made with 36% post-industrial content.

When creating your ideal modern cat tree, you can also choose between a base made with white or black fiberboard or white laminated birch plywood.

What’s even better about our luxury cat tree is that it’s made in the USA. We use only the highest quality eco-friendly materials, keeping your cat safe while also minimizing your impact on the planet. Our designs are contemporary, ensuring they look great in your home.

Our Acacia Cat Tree stands 3’ tall, allowing enough room for multiple cats to play on. This contemporary cat tree fits nicely in front of most windows, giving your cat a place to sunbathe or to enjoy the view outside.

If you’re looking for a cool cat tree that’s designed to last, look no further than our Acacia Cat Tree. Top benefits include:

Click below for an in-depth description of our Acacia Modern Cat Tree along with dimensions and assembly instructions. You can even check out reviews from past customers who agree that this is the purrfect indoor cat tree for their feline family member.

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Our MOHAIR (faux) inserts are whiskery like a wire-haired terrier. Highly durable (our most scratch-able), doesn’t show dirt, and is easy to clean. Made from mostly nylon and 36% Post-Industrial (recycled content derived from industry scraps).

Laminated Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF)

* 100% post-industrial recycled wood residuals
* FSC certified wood: The material in this product comes from well-managed forests, independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council
* No-added formaldehyde
* Made in USA

Laminated FSC Birch Plywood

* FSC certified: The material in this product comes from well-managed forests, independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council
* California Air Resources Board (carb) II compliant
* No-added formaldehyde


No frills, no nonsense. Just high quality modern cat furniture.

This high quality modern cat tree is carefully constructed from eco-friendly materials that are safe for your furry feline. Not only do cats love this tower, but also, it’ll look great in your home. Further compliment your stylish modern décor by tailoring this cat tree to your style. You select the colors and materials used.

Insert & Base Options

Customize your modern cat tree to match your style and home décor. We offer unique color and material options for the base and inserts.

1. First, pick your inserts:

    • Faux Mohair Insert: great for scratching, easy to clean and highly durable.

2. Next, pick which base you’d like for your modern cat tree based on personal style and home décor. Your options include:

Material: Laminated sustainable design fiberboard (SDF)

Color: White

Material: Laminated FSC Birch Plywood

Color: White

Color: Amber (darker or lighter variations may occur)

Spread the Purrrs

This is a custom cat tree you can feel good about! A portion of proceeds are donated to cat charities, because we don’t just want to help lucky cats (like yours!), we want to help cats in need too.

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Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 18 × 2 in

Mohair Black Cat


SDF (White), SDF (Black), Birch (White), Bamboo (Darker or lighter amber colors may occur)


Tree = 36″H x 24″W x 24″D    Top = 23″W x 12″D   Shelves = 15″W x 11″D


Acacia Modern Cat Tree Assembly Instructions

Necessary tools:

  • Philips screw-driver (preferably with a #2 head, powered, and used at a low speed/torque.

How to assemble:

    1. Place base B on floor with the grooved plus sign facing up.
    2. Remove spaces blocks from fork opening of C and D (SDF only)
    3. Place bottom of D into B where fluorescent yellow dots line up, then slide “fork opening” of C into “fork opening” of D where fluorescent orange dots on C and B line up. (CD)
    4. Place grooved plus sign of A onto top of CD, where the fluorescent red dots line up.
    5. To ensure A is centered on CD, insert 1 of the 2 provided nails into 1 of the holes of A. Lightly tap A on the sides until the nail easily goes into the pre-drilled holes of CD. Repeat with remaining nail on an adjacent hole. Remove nails and fasten screws in the 4 holes until top and trunk are flush, being careful not to over screen (stripping the hole may occur—if this happens, put half a wood toothpick into hole.) (CDA)
    6. Remove or lift-up CDA from B and turn upside down onto a rug, carpet, or towel.
    7. Place grooved plus sign of B on top of CDA bottom, where fluorescent dots line up. Repeat step 5. (CDAB)
    8. Flip CDAB so A is back on top.
    9. Carefully slide shelves into slots by matching/lining up the color dots and then fasten with screws, being careful not to over screw.
    10. To ensure insert is secure with Velcro, press and slide with finger around the insert edges. For easy removal of insert, use pliers and pull-up gently at corner.

That’s it, we hope you and your cats enjoy the Acacia for many years to come.


    Awesome cat tree. We got the bamboo version. It's very sturdy and well-made, and looks great. It's like a cool and unusual piece of furniture. Just the right height for a cat perch to keep an eye on the world.
    Customer Photo Peanut Cassun
    Julie Cassun
    Thank you for the beautiful cat tree! My cat loves it!
    Stylish, wonderful quality, and much loved by felines & humans alike The kitty and I could not be happier with the Acacia cat tree. The footprint of this tree is exactly right - it is modern yet also cozy, and does not overwhelm the space. The Acacia tree really provides the perfect spot for both snoozing and squirrel watching. Moreover, it was incredibly easy to put together - in fact, she couldn't wait for me to finish assembling it and was already sitting on the pieces and playing with the toy, and helping me read the instructions. It's sturdy and stylish, and her new favorite hangout. Thanks a lot for making such a great and good-looking tree!
    Perfect Counter Height Solution After purchasing Scat Mats to keep my two Maine Coon kittens off the kitchen countertops, I purchased the white Acacia Cat Tree with mohair hamster inserts for the middle of my u shaped kitchen. They now sit happily on it while I work in the kitchen and they have a perfect view of all that goes on.
    great product I have one of these myself. I absolutely love it! great product!
    Beautiful product From the first time I saw this product I knew it was what I wanted for the newest member of our family. Even though it had to be shipped to Australia it arrived surprisingly quickly - the service was spot on. It looks stylish and our kitten loves to sit on the top so he can watch the world go by.
    Queen of the Street My 10 year old tabby tuxedo T-Tux loves her Acacia Cat Tree, after some initial skepticism. She now plans her morning nap there to take full advantage of the sun. In the evening, she looks out into the twilight until well after darkness falls, making sure her territory is free from interlopers. Her whiskers may move forward slightly, her ears attentive to things I cannot see. She truly is on top of her world :)
    Impecable customer service and product This is our second tree from square cat habitat after the Baobab tree. The customer service is impeccable, they truly value your purchase and want you to have a good experience- which I did. The product is wonderful and the most non toxic on the market from my extensive research. I really would love to see more versions of the bamboo trees with hiding spaces like squares or tunnels, perhaps even a cat wheel attached. If you introduce something new, please let me know and I will be the first to buy it for my cats from you guys!
    Beautiful and functional We have this tree in our living room next to a window and the fireplace. They use it to easily get up on the mantle (a favorite hangout) and we think it looks terrific. They also sometimes just hang out on the top of the tree and nap or look out the window. I know some people wish these trees had scratchy stuff on them like sisal, and I agree that cats need scratchy stuff. But those items often don't look this good to human eyes, and you can get all kinds of other scratch pads for your cats that don't have to be the focal point of your living room. This is really a very elegant item that has some artistic value and won't make your guests roll their eyes!
    Better View After adopting Rodger it became apparent that he needed a perch to get away from the dogs and have a better view of the pool. We live in an Eichler. I needed cat furniture that would go with our mid-century furniture. I was not going to have a carpeted cat thing in my house. I love the look of the Acacia cat tree. It was hard to choose what colors and finishes to go with. So I went with colors to match the cat. It shipped well packed and was very easy to assemble. It is solid. Rodger is a big kitty. He can jump on and off without any movement in the tree. He spends hours on top watching what goes on in the backyard. We both recommend this cat tree.
    great tree Review by janine I adopted two cats already having a shih tzu so I bought the tree, on a friends recommendation so that the cats could get off the ground from him. I love the modern style. It was very simple to put together and is very easy to clean. I believe that max and mighty like it too.
    Great for Bird Viewing I have bought many of the SCH products. Our cats enjoy the Acacia Cat Trees in front of windows for watching the birds. Great height for that and easy for cats to get up and down. They usually fall asleep on the top ledge. Both trees have easy instructions to follow and are so simple to keep clean. Love the modern look. I like that you have many colors to choose from for the carpet and when we moved, I even changed out the colors. Our cats highly recommend the Acacia and Baobab Cat Trees!
    Cool Cats' Hang Out My cats love the tree, my senior cat the first two shelves, the younger cat the top shelf. The both covet the catnip toy. It encourages them to claw the carpet squares rather than the furniture. Simple to put together. Many compliments on the quality and chic design!

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